Acuparse Changelog

3.0.0 - Full Atlas Support



  • Support all Atlas readings (UV, Lightning, Light, Wind).
  • Lightning Tower support.
  • Windguru Support.
  • Option to sort camera images ascending/descending.
  • Option to display High/Low tower temp.
  • Docker support and image.
  • RTSP added to webcam scripts.
  • Button to send a test email.
  • Mailgun support.
  • Password entry verification when adding/editing a user.


  • Basic MySQL error handling.
  • Refined install/testing.
  • Database optimizations.


  • JSON/HTML output moved to API.
  • Primary dependency’s moved to composer.
    • Bootstrap to v4.5.3.
    • FontAwesome to v5.15.1.
    • to v5.1.0.
    • jQuery to v3.5.1.
    • Lightbox to v2.11.3.
  • Update moonPhase script.
  • Update jQuery UI Touch Punch from an updated fork.
  • Update Copyright.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Chat moving from Keybase/Gitter to Slack.
  • Major Code refactoring.
  • Update checking moved to cron.