AcuRite Access/smartHUB and IP Camera Processing, Display, and Upload.

Weather readings are captured using your AcuRite Access or SmartHub device and an AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) or Atlas (7-in-1), as well as any Tower sensors.

Developed using PHP and MariaDB/MySQL for data storage.

Local bare-metal/VM installations supported only on Debian/Rasbian Buster(10)/Bullseye(11) and Ubuntu Focal(20.04)/Jammy(22.04).

A Docker Container install is also supported using Docker Compose.

Latest Release: Version 3.9.4

About Acuparse

Acuparse is a PHP/MySQL program that captures, stores, and displays weather data from an AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) or Atlas ( 7-in-1) weather station and tower sensors, via your Access/smartHUB. It uploads weather data to Weather Underground, CWOP, Weathercloud, PWS Weather, Windy, Windguru, OpenWeather, and MQTT Brokers. It also processes and stores images from a local network camera for display and linking to external websites. Acuparse works by intercepting your data on the way to My AcuRite, parsing it, and finally sending the original data to My AcuRite untouched.


Built for weather geeks and designed to be clean, simple, and mobile friendly. Acuparse features a minimal UI with a focus on data, not flashy graphics. Designed to compliment MyAcuRite and other 3rd party’s sites and tools.

Data Export API and MQTT Support

Output your Weather data in JSON/HTML format for use in external applications as well as publish your data to an MQTT Broker.

Display data in ℉, ℃ or both

Selectable Default

Multiple Users and Tower Sensors

Add as many towers as your Access/smartHub supports and set them as public or private. Multiple admin/regular users.

Does not require internet access

No need to rely on cloud services. Your data is stored locally and Acuparse can receive data without Internet connectivity. Can be deployed independently of MyAcuRite.

Supporting Development

Acuparse is entirely supported by its author and via community donations from folks just like you!
If you can spare some fiat to support development, it's greatly appreciated but definitely not expected nor required!

Thanks to all who have donated to support Acuparse Development!

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Recent News

v3.9 and Realtime Updates Support
18 September 2022

It’s been quite some time since an updated version of Acuparse has been released. There were many changes in progress including the much requested Realtime update support. Those users with Acurite Access devices know how painful waiting five minutes between updates can be. With the new Realtime support, you can...

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