Windy Support – v2.9.0

Changed FontAwesome to v5.8.2. JQuery to v3.4.1. Lightbox to V2.11.0. Updated Modified External Updater Docs Added Support for

SmartHUB EOL – v2.8.0

Changed Removed legacy MyAcurite SmartHub uploading and always generate a system response. Removed DateTimePicker as is currently unused. FontAwesome to v5.7.2. Bootstrap to 4.3.1. Fixed Temperature Icon Display. Added Prefetch …

Features, Updates, and Cleanup – v2.7.0

Added Display Mode. Twilight CSS Theme. Upload WU data to a Generic Server and WeatherPoly Documentation Changed Migrated core CSS into base.css, minify, minor cleanup. Documentation Updates. Loading Icons. Fixed …

Design refresh and updates – v2.5.0

Changed Bootstrap to v4.1.1 Major changes to HTML/CSS. PHP/HTML/CSS variable changes and restructuring. Encode special characters in WU upload string. Font Awesome to 5.1. jQuery DateTimePicker to 2.5.20. Update Google …

Choose default Barometer – v2.4.0

Added Ability to select which readings to store and use for Barometer readings. Changed Minor code formatting. Minor tweaks to the placement of some options in settings. Moon icon updates.