Features, Updates, and Cleanup – v2.7.0

Added Display Mode. Twilight CSS Theme. Upload WU data to a Generic Server and WeatherPoly Documentation Changed Migrated core CSS into base.css, minify, minor cleanup. Documentation Updates. Loading Icons. Fixed …

Design refresh and updates – v2.5.0

Changed Bootstrap to v4.1.1 Major changes to HTML/CSS. PHP/HTML/CSS variable changes and restructuring. Encode special characters in WU upload string. Font Awesome to 5.1. jQuery DateTimePicker to 2.5.20. Update Google …

Choose default Barometer – v2.4.0

Added Ability to select which readings to store and use for Barometer readings. Changed Minor code formatting. Minor tweaks to the placement of some options in settings. Moon icon updates.

Minor Changes – v2.3.1

Changed Findu does not play nice with https at the moment. Forcing nav link to be http. External updates will use the proper appname when building update packets.

Minor Update – v2.2.3

Changed Tower sensors now support the indoor/outdoor monitors for temp/humidity readings. Admin settings formatting. Minor formatting and documentation updates.