Minor Changes – v2.3.1

Changed Findu does not play nice with https at the moment. Forcing nav link to be http. External updates will use the proper appname when building update packets.

Minor Update – v2.2.3

Changed Tower sensors now support the indoor/outdoor monitors for temp/humidity readings. Admin settings formatting. Minor formatting and documentation updates.

Access Fixes – v2.2.2

Added Timezone to Access response. Script to change the upload server locally on the Access. Removing the DNS redirect requirement. Changed Updated smartHUB EoL to 2019-03-01 due to AcuRite extending …

Access/Hub Fixes – v2.2.1

Changed Documentation cleanup and updates. Modified HUB response to prevent firmware updates. Acuparse now sends it’s own response back to the HUB. Login cookies so they will work as expected. …

Access and SSL Support – v2.2.0

Added Support for the new Access as it replaces the smartHUB. SSL Support Changed Modified the cookie expiration time in account.php to reflect the same as in session.php

Improvements and Fixes – v2.1.9

Changed Modified Archive display format to align with the display format on the homepage. Updates page will now display notes from previous versions and file formatting changes. Fixed When disabling …

Styling fixes – v2.1.7

Default font to Open Sans for better visibility in the clean css template. Moved unneeded styles to a new template file. Reformatted Archive display